The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has been continuously working on improving its user interface and adding new features from time to time according to the need of the user. In order to improve the user experience, WhatsApp has made another new feature live today. With the help of this new feature, you can easily transfer your WhatsApp chat history from Android phone to iPhone. WhatsApp users have been waiting for this feature for a long time. If an Android user used to switch to iOS, then they had to face a lot of trouble in creating and backing up data from their WhatsApp account and transferring that backup to the new phone. Now with this new feature of WhatsApp, these users will not have to worry about transferring their WhatsApp data.

Now after the introduction of this new feature, according to WhatsApp, users can transfer almost all the information related to their WhatsApp account if they switch from Android phone to iOS. In this, users’ profile photos, personal chats, chat history, media gallery and settings can also be transferred from Android phone to iPhone. Through this new feature, users will not be able to transfer the details of features like WhatsApp call history and display name.

Follow this method to transfer users data:

* First of all, you have to download the “Move to iOS” application from your Google Play Store account.

* After “Move to iOS” application, you have to open this app in your Android phone and scan the QR code from iOS phone.

* After this select WhatsApp on the screen of WhatsApp Data Transfer and then tap on Start.

* After this process, your data import data will be ready. After this data is ready, you will be signed out of your WhatsApp account from the Android device.

* Next, you’ll need to tap NEXT to return to iOS, then tap Continue.

* After doing this, tap on “Move to iOS” and then download the WhatsApp app on your iOS device.

* After this, you log in to the WhatsApp app with the same number from which the account was created in the Android phone.

* After completing the WhatsApp login process, your entire chat history will be completely restored to the iOS device.

To transfer WhatsApp data, your Android device must have Android version 5 or higher. For data transfer between Android devices and iOS devices, it is necessary to have the same mobile number, which is already being used in Android. This process requires both the devices to be connected to the same network.

To transfer this data, it will be necessary for the iOS device to be new or to factory reset it. By keeping all these conditions in mind, you will be able to transfer WhatsApp data from Android device to iOS device, if none of these conditions is not fulfilled, you may face problem in transferring this data.

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